Angels Among Us

On my walk today, I forced myself to be present with my surroundings and to look for whispers from the Universe to guide some decisions about some worries I can’t seem to shake lately.
I glanced into the sky and did a double take as my eyes were drawn to an angel. I clicked a photo with my iphone praying she would appear clearly.
I am in awe of how God works. If we just put out there our fears, worries, and wonders and can be present enough and somehow clear away all that monkey brain stuff, the answers are always there. But, we have to see.
I think I’ll try to quit obsessing about this current worry. Apparently, God has already taken care of it.
Angels are out there. And, if I can have faith in them, I can be at peace.

2 thoughts on “Angels Among Us

  1. Shari, I am loving your posts. This angel is fantastic, I also see a sitting buddha figure in it, a buddha with wings! I also love your child-like faces. Is the course you are taking online? I also had no idea what Penzu was. I looked it up and it looks quite interesting though not sure I can figure out it’s purpose–how is it different than just creating one’s own journal in Word? In reponse to your post about being afraid to share your work and being afraid NOT to share it, I can relate. As I’ve said I am 20 years your senior and still at your same place in this. I have crates and trunks (literally) full of my writing and I’m pretty sure that no one will care to read them after I’m gone. I always thought my grandchildren might, but I seriously doubt this. So I imagine it will be eventually destroyed and maybe it’s good it is. I have to admit a lot of it is just my inner musings and complainings about my life and life in general and so on, not very pleasant reading for anyone, but embedded also are “kernels” of wisdom and some decent writing. Much of it is deeply personal and don’t know if I want anyone to know. Who is going to want to sift through it all for the gems!!?? I think I would even bore myself! But even all this said, as you have shared, we do it because we HAVE to do it, whether anyone else ever reads it, enjoys it, or hates it. I think writing is a way to dialogue with ourselves to have a relationship with all the parts of ourselves and make peace and order among them. I think creating art is the same, again, we do it for ourselves. Art and writing are a kind of healing therapy and there is nothing wrong with that. The best medicine for broken hearts and broken spirits.

    About angels in the clouds: My husband died almost 3 years ago now, and I believe he sends me signs in the form of feathers. I can’t tell you how many “feathers” I have received from him, and many of them have been in the form of clouds. I don’t know how all this works, but I know it does. Clouds are definitely “angel messengers” and so are sunsets and sunrises and many sky phenomena. All of nature are our Teachers!

    Please look up the International Women’s Writing Guild online and consider joining and attending it’s events. It has been one of the greatest influences in my life as a writer!
    Keep dreaming and looking at the Sky!


    1. Judi,
      I looked at the angel in the clouds again after your reply and I saw the Buddha pop right out at me! Amazing! Thank you for sharing that with me!

      I appreciate your thoughts, Judi. It truly is amazing at how many souls are in the same place. My notebooks are countless, too. And, like you, most of my writing is a repeat of the same stories I tell over and over because ego likes to hear them and play victim or martyr a lot. As I read over them, I am able to see these patterns and I have had to tell myself, “Enough already! What are you going to do about it?” So many of my own life frustrations get worked out in my writing, so, it is therapy for me.

      I, too, hesitate and what to do with all these words. For my children to eventually read the notebooks, I am afraid. My writing paints a different picture than what I live, in their eyes. I want my daughters, especially, to know who I really am and that I wrestled with all the same things they did. I need them to see the depths of my being and I don’t think they can do that without reading my life. And, yes, there are gems in those notebooks, lessons learned, and transformations. They are also a disorganized mess.

      I see and feel angels frequently in my life. I’ve learned a lot about them through my niece, Micara, who is a soul coach. I often call on Archangel Michael as I believe he is my true guardian angel. I send him out to protect my children at night when they are out doing what they do. And, I can then sleep peacefully.

      I will look into the writers guild! Thank you for making me aware of it! Thank you also for taking time to comment, Judi.

      And, those clouds, they are constantly distracting me. . .

      Shari 🙂


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