At the Cabin. . .

I have been at a cabin in northern Minnesota for a week now.  There is no internet and rarely even cell service unless I go out in the lake.  Most would be a little edgy, but, I tell ya. . . it’s heaven.

I set some goals for myself for the duration of my time there ( two weeks – yes, I’m way spoiled and I’ll talk about this later).  One of which is, to write.

Well, I came home quick today, to restock food and see if the house was still intact.  I only live an hour away from this slice of heaven, how lucky am I? I decided to get caught up on my emails, facebook (and do bills and such. . .yuck.)  And, I realized that I am even more blessed than I realized.

I got on my computer and realized I am backed up.  My friends on facebook are amazing.  Artists and family are reaching out to connect in ways that only facebook can.  So many souls that post things on their walls are totally inspirational to me.  When I am away, I want to be home, connecting with friends and creating art in my studio and writing, and when I am home, I want to be away relishing in the solitude of nature.

How does one retain a balance?

By the way, I have written over 200 pages in my writers’ notebook over the course of this week. I’m pretty sure I have the makings of a book. .  or two.  Or at least a couple dozen blog posts.

Stay tuned. When I return home, there will be much to say.

Shari 🙂

2 thoughts on “At the Cabin. . .

  1. We have a cabin, too, in north central BC, but it takes us six hours to get to it and is very remote, accessed only by a barely passable 4×4 road, so it isn’t somewhere I go on my own. But it’s on an isolated lake and I love the peaceful solitude. (There’s a photo posted a couple years ago on my blog at ) Like your place, there is no cell service… not even electricity… to provide distractions so I always get lots of reading and writing done. We usually go for a week or two every summer and again during hunting season.

    So I can appreciate the refreshment of your getaway experience. Looking forward to reading what you have to share when you return. 🙂


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