How Many Times Must We Transform?

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I had a dream that I was a butterfly.

I was fluttering up to the sun and all of a sudden  . . . . . I burst into flames.  That’s all I could remember upon my awakening.

This was during Fire Month, of my Soul Coaching Journey, with my niece, Micara, which makes the dream even more thought provoking.

Butterflies and Fire symbolize transformation, renewal and rebirth.  I thought I had already done this.  All that bolted through my mind was:

“AGAIN? How many times must I go through transformations???????”

My subconscious calmly reported “Many times.  You’re not done, Shar.”

Good Lord.

I’ve come to understand (from having to continue to renew my spirit) that we are in a constant state of transformation.  My mind, body and soul will hover in a superconscious state for only so long if I fail to nurture my spirit on a daily basis.  My body absorbs the pains of others and this world.  So much so, that if I don’t pull away and recenter, I’m left with a couple days in bed nursing by achy joints, muscles and fatigue.

This is sign that I need to transform AGAIN.  Butterflies arrive.

I wonder if everyone has signs that renewal time is in order.

Shari 🙂

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