Word of the Year. . . Courage


I’ve been struggling over the last few weeks trying to nail down what my “word of the year” for 2013 will be.  I think too much about it, of course.  I should just go with my intuition and grab what comes to mind first.  But, then I think, “No.  This word is a big deal.  It guides my decisions for the entire year.”  It deserves some attention and contemplation.

I’ve been choosing a “word of the year” for the last 3-4 years.  Trading in the resolutions for a single word was something I learned from Christine Kane.  She now even has a free download to help you discover what your might want your word to be.  Check out her toolbox here.

Last year, my word was “create”.  And, “create” I did.  I created a lot of things I didn’t finish.  Story of my life. You know how you have that stab of inspiration?  That high of motivation?  And, you fly with it without even stopping for air?

And then, you run into a wall.

Sometimes that wall is boredom.

More likely though, the wall is fear.

Fear of the wicked voices in your head saying, “Who do you think you are?”

So, I stop.  Move on to something else.  Something I am more capable of.  Like Pinterest or something.  Something safe.  I mean, you can’t mess up on Pinterest.

Well, this year, I’m fighting that voice.  I’m standing up to the old hag in order to finish the things I’ve started.  I’m casting my sword and shouting, “Stand aside oh wicked one!  Here I come!”

If I can push the wickedness aside, I should be able to:

*reshape and resubmit my book proposal to another publisher

*sign up for that art retreat I really want to go to in California

*write and submit some articles for magazines

*open an Etsy shop

*get my body into prime shape (the wickedness has been telling me that I’m old and can’t do what I used to do – dang her)

*say what I need to say (the wickedness says to just be quiet)

*finish the writing e-course I created and actually get it out there!

This is only the beginning!  With courage by my side, amazing things can happen.

If you had courage for this upcoming year, what would you do?

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E.E. Cummings

44 thoughts on “Word of the Year. . . Courage

  1. Shari, your entries always lift my spirit. Thanks and I send you blessings of courage to do the great things on your list. It takes a great person to start such wonderful things and I believe you have the courage deep within you to accomplish them. If I had courage I would really focus on the many Holistic opportunities there are and educate the women here in Luverne to the health benefits for them. Blessings for a courageous 2013.


    1. Thank you for your comments, Roni. I love your wishes for yourself provided you had courage. I think women are looking high and low for guidance from souls like you, Roni. You have so many gifts to offer to them. Draw your sword and slash that inner wickedness that says you can’t! I believe in you! 🙂


  2. Shari,
    You have so many wonderful ideas ready for your to discover. I have no doubt you possess the courage to face them head on. I’ll be right behind you as you imprint your way through this year!


  3. Rooting you on in your quest for Courage! My One Word for 2013 is Purpose. To live with purpose, to purposefully love those in my path and in my home, to exude gratitude on purpose, to make purposeful choices about my physical/mental/spiritual health and my time. Here’s to both Courage and Purpose! Thanks!

    Deb Weaver


    1. Thank you, Robin. I took a slight hiatus when the school year started. I’ve been allowing my day job to consume me a little too much. I’ve been recommitted to my morning pages and finding answers to many dilemas in my work and life. I know this about writing, so I’m hoping it will lead to more blog posts before people think I’m dead. 🙂


  4. Ooh, Shari…I have that same wicked voice that pops up in my head every so often. So proud of you for kicking her to the curb this year. You’ve got some amazing adventures planned. Looking forward to seeing you in action this year!


  5. Great word! I know you can accomplish your goals with that word in your heart! Getting in shape is on my list. On the news the other night they featured a woman at the gym and she was 101. Well, I figure if she can do it, there is hope for us all!


    1. I agree, Lynda. For most of us, there really is no excuse. I know that I have none!
      So, did you have a word in your heart to help you focus on getting in shape? Maybe health? Vitality? I’m anxious to hear how you tackle the call! 🙂


  6. Oh, Shari. I really hope you put that writing e-course out there because I will totally sign-up for it! I relate to all those nasty, wicked thoughts that lurk (or scream) at us…and how it’s so easy to let them take control and stop us from continuing on a journey/path that really speaks to us (because we get too scared). So, so, so totally get it. Story of my life. ❤

    I wish you all the courage for this year to stand-up and push through and say what needs to be said.

    lots of love to you.


    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Becky. You always have such wonderful things to say and that’s what keeps us going against those dragons! I will send that e-course directly your way, my friend! 🙂


  7. That’s my word too, can’t wait to see what can happen when we live this word all year through. Best wishes on accomplishing your goals for 2013. Sounds like you have a wonderful start ! Hugs, Susan


    1. So, maybe we need to keep a daily list of all the courageous things we do each day, huh? Even if it’s saying, “no” when you really want to and the old me would say, “yes”!


  8. Shari, what a wonderful post. Fear will have no chance of survival with you this year. I sense your courage winning already. I really look forward to seeing all the goodness that will come for you this year. I love the many things you have lined up for yourself. Wishing you a Wonderful and Happy New Year!! xo
    PS Looking forward to your writing eCourse. I want to take writing courses at some point and time in the future. So I look forward to see what yours will be all about. 🙂


  9. Ooooo, Shari-girl! Love the passion behind your voice here! I can see you on top of the mountain, sword in hand, your book as your shield, and looking down at all you have accomplished in 2013. Looking forward to witnessing your year. Always love connecting with you!


  10. Dear Shari, I thought I left a comment last night, but I was tired and having issues so if you get this once great, twice even better! : ) I love your word and how to told your story about it and fear. I guess we have all felt this at one time or another and it’s so nice to know we aren’t alone in that thinking. I too have escaped to Pinterest more times than I care to admit… although my boards tell the story, but it’s mindless and clears my head and I know I can’t screw it up. We will practice courage together this year and watch each other grow!!! Many blessings coming your way for a wonderfully prosperous year! xo


    1. Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that retreats to Pinterest! We admit it! I can’t wait to hear about your dreams this year, Kathi, so we can encourage each other! I’ve got the Denver writing workshop on my mind and that’s first on my list! I’m so anxious to meet you in person when we get to Denver! 🙂


  11. You go get ’em girl!! I know you have it in you!!

    Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. ~Ambrose Redmoon


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