The Beginnings of My Spirit Doll



The Universe if a crazy place and every day, I am guided to where and who I need to go next along my path.  It affirms my belief in a higher power, yet baffles me at the same time.

Last week was one of those weeks where you are shaken a bit.  Life feels cluttered, too much is coming in, events happen that upset the apple cart.  I remained true to meditating and listening to my inner voice, and one morning I opened an email that was just junk.  An email from Pinterest that suggests other pins you might like.  If you are on Pinterest, you get these daily and I typically just delete them.  Well, on this day, I was guided to check them out.  Mind you, it was 8:30am ~ it’s very dangerous to go on Pinterest this early in the day, especially when my mind is at it’s peak and I should be doing more constructive things. . . like WRITING!

Regardless, I was sucked in.  Too late.  Hooked by the dragon.

I was led to a spirit doll.  I love dolls.  Years ago, when my children were small, I made cloth dolls from recycled clothing for craft fairs and shops to earn extra money.  Every doll was a part of me.

Then, as my kids became more involved in sports, I began teaching full-time, the doll hobby was neglected and eventually I sold all the material and collections I accumulated for doll making at a garage sale.  It was extra weight that I needed to clear out.  I needed to make room for the new.

But still, I’m drawn to dolls and doll makers.  I feel a pull whenever a doll maker talks of her work or I see a handmade doll.

This particular spirit doll let me to a woman’s spirit doll wall page of which I began pinning away from.  Inspiration rose inside of me.  I could feel my soul coming alive and my mind swirling with possibilities.  I knew I needed to make a spirit doll somehow and venture back into the world of dolls. I missed them so much and they were calling me.

After a substantial loss of time, and feeling a little giddy, I decided I needed to thank this lady for the inspiration she brought me today.  I found her on Facebook and sent her a small message of appreciation.

Immediately, she messaged back telling me about who she was.

I was intrigued and was nudged to ask her about her journey.

She replied, “Why don’t you give me a call.  Here’s my cell #.”

Wow.  Really?  Cell #? Who does that?

I told her I would sometime.  Truly wanting to, but, I know how busy people are and honestly hate bothering them.  I was sure she was just being polite.

“How about now?  Do you have a minute?” she continued.

“Ummm. . . okay,” I replied.  Holy Kamoly.  This amazing woman was serious.  

This was just too much.  But, my intuition said, “Call her.”

And. . . I actually did have time.

So, I did.

We talked for 2 hours.  I filled 18 sticky notes with thoughts.  She felt like an old soul who had gone before me.

I shared with her my apple cart tipping over and my forks in the road and she told me I needed to make a spirit doll for guidance.  Gather a group of women together and create spirit dolls.  There is power and energy in this, she said.  Your spirit doll will tell you what you need.  Listen to her.  

She led me to  Joanna Powell Colbert’s website, where a How To Make A Spirit Doll e-book is free.  Thank you, Joanna.  Oh my goodness, my energy centers were just spinning and flowing.

I am so grateful for the women that have come into my life as mentors and guides.  Miraculously, when my journey with one woman ends, another appears for the next leg on the path.

Off to the thrift store I went to snatch up anything that spoke to me for my Spirit Doll.  I know my theme/intention for this doll will be of fearlessness, protection (energy) and peace.  I did not googling and was brought to ancient Goddess Tara.  Hmmm. . .

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but it feels right.  

Sometimes, we just have to trust.

Who will join me?

Shari 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Beginnings of My Spirit Doll

  1. Don’t you just love to be guided?? Sometimes I find it so amazing that, I can, at times get in my own way, and not allow all the goodness to come in. Like you, when one journey ends miraculously another begins automatically. Why be afraid, right??


  2. What a wonderful story Shari – what a spirit-led experience from beginning to end. I’m quite excited for you – it sounds like you’re embarking on a wonderful journey. I do hope you’ll keep us posted. I so look forward to seeing your Spirit Doll. The first of many I suspect.


  3. Shari – Thank you for posting this link to your blog and your info on Joanna Powell Colbert’s website, which I checked out and have now ordered my own set of Gaian Tarot Limited Edition cards. I have been looking at different sets of Tarot Cards, but as soon as I saw the ones she designed on her website, I knew immediately I had found what I had been looking for. Isn’t it funny how when we are looking, we are then guided by others to find what we need? Thank you so much!



    1. Yes, Lisa, you are so right. If we are just open to following the bread crumbs, they are right in front of us all the time. I’m so glad you found Joanna’s cards. Her site is amazing, isn’t it?


  4. How wonderful! Making that connection and now being inspired to make a spirit doll. I too love dolls and doll makers. I have a ‘collection’ of books on doll making, but have just never actually made one. Still I love looking at others creations. I hope you post more on your Spirit Doll…I would love to see what you create!


  5. Well, we are two peas in a pod, Debbie, admiring all those doll makers and buying the books. 🙂 Maybe creating a Spirit Doll would give you the courage to begin a journey into making some of your own dolls! I’ve read that what we admire in others is something our own soul longs for. ❤


  6. Shari, it’s nice to meet you over at Inspired Blogging! 🙂

    I made a spirit doll several years ago at a spirit doll workshop, and I loved it. I never liked dolls at all when I was a child, but I really appreciated my spirit doll and the whispers of wisdom from her. Now, that wisdom seems to come straight through the broadband connection to my heart.

    I love Joanna Powell Colbert’s work. She is brilliant! I’ve been a fan of her art for over twenty years. Her Gaian Tarot deck is outstanding. If you have a chance to get a copy in your hands, by all means do!


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