Sometimes Doodling is a Better Way~ SOL#19~Day#3



Sometimes, I can capture a moment with more specificity by drawing doodles than in writing a descriptive micro-memoir. Speech and thought bubbles lend to inferences that can portray my characters more than I could in describing them in words. And, it’s quicker.

It can become a curse, however, as you start to see everything as a graphic novel, visualizing a scene or overheard dialogue as cartoon snippets. You can’t get down things fast enough as once you start, you’ve activated the launching sequence. Then, you begin asking yourself what becomes “story-catching worthy”. I’ve come to believe that everything is “story-catching worthy”, and if we don’t capture it, it’s gone forever, and sometimes we don’t know a story’s worth until years later.

Being an introvert, I can quietly observe my extrovert family members and their witty conversations. They don’t realize I’m taking it all in. Actually, my husband does. He sometimes says, “Did you get that, hon? Can you put that in your notebook?”

His life is much more “story-catching worthy” than mine.

But, perhaps that’s why we were partnered.

lumberjack doodles

Shari 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sometimes Doodling is a Better Way~ SOL#19~Day#3

  1. I love your graphic novel doodle writing! What a clear and fun way to share a story and show the perspectives of all involved! Being in a sport loving family, I can relate! Thanks for your post!


  2. I love this doodling journal! It’s clear that you capture a fuller story, in some ways. I need to try this! What a darling perspective from your husband – ““Did you get that, hon? Can you put that in your notebook?” He’s a keeper!!

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  3. I showed this post to the kids today and you should have seen their reactions. “You mean…we can doodle for our S.O.L.s today? We can draw instead of write?” Their perplexed looks were priceless! Thanks for reminding me of this option, Shari!


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