Hair Magic ~A Very Small Slice~ #sol16

“Mrs. Daniels! Something STRANGE is going on here!” a third grade boy muttered into my ear right after my writing workshop lesson.

“What, honey, what’s wrong?”

“Well,” he continued, “This morning, your hair was this caramel-chocolate color and now. . . well, it’s turning grey!”

My cheater reading glasses rested on top of my head, pulling back my bangs and hair along my hairline.  Note to self:  buy a box of hair color on the way home.  I laughed and I don’t think he knew why.  This boy had a serious question and wanted an answer for how hair can turn grey so fast.

“Are you magic?” he smiled.

I wish.

I tire of coloring my hair.  The box colors seem to last about two weeks on my grey patches now.  I can’t be running to a salon every month.  Geez.

“When can I start letting my hair go grey?”  I ask my friend.

“Oh, never!”  she warns.

“Seriously? I can’t do this until I’m 70.  My own mother JUST now stopped coloring her hair and it’s a beautiful grey.  I can’t go another 20 years.”

“Oh, but, we have to.”


Another box of Clairol Nice and Easy ~Dark Auburn is purchased.

My poor little third grader is going to be so confused.