Paint Your Story


I vowed to be more creative this summer and set free my dorment inner child.  So, I signed up for Mindy Lacefield’s “Paint Your Story” class.  I’ve been working on faces and head shapes from a childlike perspective.  I must say, I’m loving every minute of these “assignments”.

Each night, I trek up to my studio (this is a room above our garage that used to be called my sewing room, but now I write, paint and art journal up there, so “studio” is the best new name, I think. . .  till something better comes up), and I read the assignment, watch a video that Mindy has given me access to and I have a go.

The hardest part is getting rid of my inner critic voice. I need to give her a name but I have not figured out what it is yet.  Any ideas?  What do you call your inner critic?

Shari Lynn :-))