Trying Out Word Press Themes. . .

I get bored with the same shoes, clothes, food, anything. . .  after too long.  It drives my husband crazy.  I’m sorry, hon,  Anyways. . .. I’m trying out Word Press themes this week.

Visually, I’m having a hard time finding the one that speaks to me in a way where I say, “Oh man. . . this is it.”

Maybe it’s because I am not to the pay money stage yet for a theme.  I want free.

But, along with free, you lose the ability to choose fonts and background colors.

Anyways. . . this week, I’m trying out themes. I need help and advise.  Serious and critical.  What do readers like?  Coming from a literacy background I know that struggling readers need black font on white background.  It’s hard for me to stray from that.

But, I need pieces of my art in there.  Most of my posts will have my art journal page as the image.   I need that in there.

So, I’m looking for advise here.  Tell me.  Critical or positive.  Let me know.  What is it that attracts readers to actually stay long enough to read an entire post?

Shari 🙂

p.s. the Snoopy artwork was borrowed from and I read the entire post.  It didn’t help.  But, I loved the site!  I’m now a follower. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Trying Out Word Press Themes. . .

  1. Hi Shari, I am new to wordpress and have used blogger for years!
    It seems many blogs these days have simple white backgrounds- clean crisp- with the subject matter in color…OR maybe those are the ones I am attracted to so I notice them…hummmm…
    It will be interesting to see what you come up with!


  2. Hi Leslie Dear!
    I have a blog on blogger and one on Word Press, and am finding I like them both for different reasons. I like white backgrounds, too, with lots of other color in there. :-))

    I’ll keep trying on themes until I see what fits!



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