A Peek Into My Writers Notebook

I’m reading through writers notebooks today, my holdalls of seeds that might grow into something big, or to just be taken as the perfect word choice in exchange for my blah ones.  I’m giving you a peek.  Because I know you’re curious. . .

I’ve used this line in even my talk.  You know this face.  What a perfect use of words to describe it.

Time magazine has such amazing writers.  I copy down sentences and word phrases that get stuck in my head and practice using them with my own words.  And, I’ll bet we all know a “glory hopper” or two. . .

I keep my notebook with me at all times.  It’s a reminder that I’m a writer and it helps me to think and see differently when I’m out there in my normal every day world.  With a pen in hand, I observe, listen and think with a writer’s eye.  .  . and get it down.

What gems lie in your notebook?  Or is there something you have heard or seen lately that needs to GO into a notebook?  I’d love to hear what you consider that “notebook worthy”.

Shari 🙂

11 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Writers Notebook

  1. You should see my notebooks.. !!! They’re everywhere . little quips and pic suggestions, collage theme ideas. Story ideas ,first sentences, last sentences.
    And you know what I love ? Seeing the handwritten note.
    Once it’s tuned into type, something is lost. So I love to look of the handwritten words. My dad was a writer and I think I must have picked it up from him. He would got down a few words on a napkin at a restaurant if needs be.:)


  2. I think you’re right, Sandy. I love those handwritten words, too. I save every note that anyone ever writes to me. Maybe that’s why I avoid writing on my laptop until I need to. 🙂


  3. I love reading your posts. They’re so, so…. imaginative and enlightening! A writer, you definitely are. Teachers always encourage their students to copy (aka model) a writer’s style and become familiar with certain words and phrases; so, why don’t we?


    1. Thank you, Shelly! If we don’t have good stuff to put in our heads to start with, it’s going to be pretty hard to come up with it on our own. It would be like telling a child to ride a bike when he’s never seen it done. I so appreciate your comments, Shelly! 🙂


  4. In my writers notebooks, which are evolving into art journals with everyday photographs and mixed media, I like to document the ordinary moments that make up my days: five senses poems to help me remember the essence of an afternoon, quotes that speak to me, snippets of conversation, and epiphanies had when my guard was down. I record the “seeds” vs. the “watermelons”- know what I mean, teacher friend? 😉 Thanks for sharing a peek into your notebooks, Shari! I often forget that going back and rereading old writings is just as great a learning experience as the initial writing.


    1. The “seeds” are the good stuff, and we know that, right, Mila! 🙂 I love snippets of conversation the best. Airports, waiting rooms, listening to my kids when their friends are over, radio conversations, and of course, kids at school. My husband and my dad also say the most classic things. I could write books just about those two! Thank you for visiting my blog, Mila! 🙂


    1. Robin, I think I have shoe boxes full of all the little scribbles I used to write when my kids were small. Napkins, post it notes, the back of a shopping list. Taking them out and rereading is a trip down memory lane. I’ve often thought I could make a photo journal with their photos and snippets of their words when they were young.


  5. A wonderful peek at your ‘seedbed’! Thank you for sharing. I might have to go plant some seeds of my own now… 🙂


  6. Love looking into your writer’s notebook! My notebook mostly has my thoughts, dreams and plans. I rarely glue down things other than my own art. My hubby on the other hand has notebooks worthy of great exploration. Sometimes he lets me go through them. What a great thing to share with your love…and your friends.


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