5 Bullet Wednesday ~ #sol16

It’s Day 2 of the Slice of Life Story Writing Challenge at Two Writing Teachers.  The mission is to blog daily for the month of March.  This is not an easy task.  Our days are full and often we think there is nothing much to write about.  But magic happens when you are on this mission to put something out to the world every day.  Stuff to write about appears. Everything appears blog worthy.  The issue then becomes what to choose.

I follow Tim Ferris, author of 4-Hour Work Week (even though I know that will never happen – I’m a teacher for Pete’s Sake) and am inspired by his 5 Bullet Friday posts.  The structure is easy for any kind of writing day, especially when you need to write something quick and have several ideas floating around in your head.  So, here goes.  My 5 Bullet Wednesday:

Book I Am Loving Right Now ~ All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  I’m telling you, the writing in this book is so savory.  I can study a paragraph for an hour analyzing how Anthony Doerr tried to do that.  I often share my journey through this book with my third graders at school and they are in as much suspense as I am.

A Quote That’s On My Mind ~ “Living in a state of wonder involves creating space in our lives for storing up our impressions of the world, and reflecting on them.  There is something important about the storing up of things.  We are sorting, sifting and making sense of our thoughts and experiences.  And holding these things close-in a compulsively over-sharing culture-is a rare discipline.”  ~ Christina Crook

Clothing I’m Loving ~ The super clearance winter jacket I bought at Walmart FOR $19.00.  Yes, you heard it.  $19.00.  You’d never guess.  Dang, I love a good deal.

Song I’m Loving ~ Jake Owen’s Real Life.  I cannot help but dance around in my car when this song comes on the radio.

What I’m Wondering Today ~ Why did Jimmy Johns quit putting sprouts on their tuna club sandwich?  I really loved the sprouts.

There you have it.  Easy Peasy.  5 Bullet Wednesday.

Shari 🙂


11 thoughts on “5 Bullet Wednesday ~ #sol16

  1. I also love this format- how perfect for those days when you just need to get something down on the page. I think I will share it with my 3rd graders! I like being able to “hear” your thinking!


  2. I adored All the Light We Cannot See — for so many reasons, but mainly for the beautiful language. Imagine spending 11 years writing one book…wow.


  3. I love your bullet list approach- how fun! I’ve heard good things about the book, “All the Light We Cannot See.” My curiosity is piqued; I’m going to have to check it out!


  4. Another admirer of your elegantly simply bullet points! So cool that you are sharing your book with your 3rd graders even though it’s not “at their level.” And I’m still missing a sandwich my longtime favorite restaurant used to make–turkey, cream cheese, slivered almonds and sprouts!


  5. I love that book too and $19.99 just bought a squishy in-a-bag hot pink coat that I’m loving right now. The other three bullets will take more time for me to spit out as they don’t readily pop to mind. Love this, will help when crunch time comes to SOL.


  6. I like this structure as well and will probably end up borrowing it. All the Light We Cannot See is amazing – amazing story, amazing writing. I was hooked from the very first sentence. So interesting how his sensory descriptions are so beautiful but don’t involve sight (for obvious reasons).


  7. Shari! I love thissssss. Thank you so much. I love that reading this is like having a short introductory convo. It could also be a way to reconnect with someone. I feel like I know you a little bit. Your book, I want to read. The jacket- your words made me want to rush to Wally World to see if they had one for me! I want to listen to Jack Owen. You are a cool person that I want to know. Your writing did all that work!

    I am so lucky that I bounced back to find you. In case you don’t know already, I am Laura Lee, part of your #SOL Welcome Wagon. Looks like you are a night owl or maybe you live west. I will be looking to read your writing in the mornings.


  8. Love Jimmy Johns and love eating sprouts. However, if I remember correctly, there has been bacteria found in sprouts in recent years. I think there’s been a bunch of foodborne illness that has come from sprouts, so perhaps that’s why they wanted to eradicate them from the menu.

    BTW: I’m a fan of the #12 Beach Club made as an Unwich. If you haven’t tried it, then you should. (It used to come with sprouts too.)


  9. I love this format! It’s a fun way to share a few little tidbits about yourself and your world. As for the sprouts…you can keep those. I like the turkey with avocado! Yum!


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