Migration To My Sanctuary #sol16

I could begin this as my boo-hoo tale of how my coffee spilled all over my writing desk ruining papers, a binder and several books.  But, there is great light in this dark tale.  The coffee stained desk was parked in my bedroom, the “winter writing space”.  Today, as the temperature climbed to near 50 degrees, the mess on my desk pushed me to clean up and migrate up to my three season Sanctuary above the garage.

The space heater was hauled in to warm it up a tad and then the move was on.  A few hours later, my soul welled up.  I sat, savoring the gratefulness I have for my husband who made sure that when we added on to our house, I’d have my own space. Love that man.

Let me tell you about my Sanctuary.

My writing desk is really just one of those cheap white tables that fold up – you’ve used them for graduations and garage sales.  Straight from Walmart.  I need lots of space on my desk to spread out as I tend to need several books at hand when I write.  I cover the table with a quilt, hand stitched years ago when my children were small.  Scraps of fabric found their way into this quilt from some of the dresses I made my girls when they were small.  Yeah. Heart stuff here.

Atop the quilt sits a statue of my guardian angel who reminds me to be fearless.  I discovered her years ago in a thrift shop. There’s a story. Feathers are also here – reminders of angels surrounding me.  Quotes and pictures of family adorn my bulletin board for inspiration and to fill my heart with joy.  I have a flower pot filled with fodder (quips and clippings) from random places that I can pull to prompt writing – my hatching station.  I need to write about that.

In the corner is my personal library and my comfy chair I bought myself for my birthday last year. When you turn 50, you can buy yourself presents.  Note to self:  write about the library.

Behind my writing table is my art journaling table.  If I am stuck for writing, I scoot over to art journal.  This clears my mind and always, something appears that needs to be written down.  Like magic.  It’s the angels, I know.

I didn’t even show you my sewing corner.  It’s a mess over there. 🙂

This room.  Days get lost up here.

Where creativity runs free and the muses reside.

A safe haven from the world out there.

My sacred space.


14 thoughts on “Migration To My Sanctuary #sol16

  1. I love your space more than I can say! just lovely. We all need a safe haven–I’m working to create mine, but it is definitely a work in progress. You’ve just provided loads of inspiration!

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  2. We all need our own little space where we can do things that we love. A place where we can leave our belongings for days untouched. The smallest room in our house serves as my home office. Here, I have all my books, school supplies and materials that are solely mine. It’s a work in progress to make it look the way I imagine it where every single item is in place. One day…


  3. I’m so glad you posted pictures to go along with your words. It looks like a wonderful place to create. You’ve given me inspiration to get my spot back in order. I painted the loft a few weeks ago and everything is still out all over the floor. 🙂


  4. Oh how I love your space! I pining for the day I move and can create a space that allows me to indulge in most of my artistic pursuits. You’re so lucky – enjoy it through the seasons.


  5. Glad to know from the start that you made lemonade out of lemons. Having a space you love so much allows the joy to ooze out of you. Thank you for sharing your space with us. Having a quilt on the table is something I would never have thought of. And, you show what what a writing maker space can look like with your ‘art journaling table’. So many treasures there above the garage!


  6. “When you turn 50, you can buy yourself presents.” Love that line! How wonderful that you invest in the things that give you pleasure. It’s especially wonderful that you have a corner of the world dedicated to creating– a perfect place to invest your time.


  7. I scrolled quickly past the pictures to read your slice and then back up to match each picture to a part of your sanctuary. What a place of love and creativity- a special place for sure. I look forward to other slices about the parts you alluded to.


  8. Oh man. The coffee spilling would have set me on edge for the rest of the day for sure! Glad you were able to retreat to your seasonal sanctuary! Really a lovely space. I have a dedicated room for myself too–only it’s become a junk room over the last couple of years and I never go up there any more. I am determined to try to start straightening up the space so it can be usable. I might put a lock on the door too so I can lock myself in there!! Hope your day improved!


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