5 Bullet Wednesday sol#16

Wednesday nights, after school,  I travel an hour away for graduate courses.  I arrive home late and tired.  Knowing this, I should arise early and send off my post early.  But, I don’t.  I really like my bed.

So, following a structure for Wednesday nights helps me generate a slice.  Inspired by Tim Ferris’ 5 Bullet Friday posts, here is my 5 Bullet Wednesday Post.

Song on my mind:  Eric Paslay’s “High Class” ~ Your body will automatically start grooving to this song.  Can’t help it.

Quote on my mind:  It is unfair to expect fair practices in unfair situations.” 

I read this in a book last week and it stuck in my head.  I can’t remember what book, nor can I remember who said it.  I could search, but then my post would not be a quick, 5 bullet post.  Note to Self: Take better notes.

One thing I wish I was better at this week:   Saying “No, I’m not doing that”.   I’m getting better, but dang it, my body sends me a thousand signals that I need to listen to me better.

Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week:  This Butternut Squash and Cranberry Quinoa Salad has been made it’s way into my lunch all week.  I like to add some wild rice and chopped kale for a full course meal.  Yum!

My Wonder of the Week:  How much worse will the presidential debate get?   I’m worried.

What would your 5 Bullet Week look like?

Shari 🙂



9 thoughts on “5 Bullet Wednesday sol#16

  1. I love your 5 bullet list. Especially when you couldn’t remember the name of the book with the cool quote.
    Song – I am Henry the Eight I am
    Quote – “Always send your birthday cards out on time.” – William Fernuik, my father
    Better at Wish – Going to be earlier
    Best Food – Steamed Brussel Sprouts
    Wonder – Puppy Love


  2. Great structure to try, Shari. It really makes you think about how the week went. And thanks for the recipe, too!


  3. I loved your bullet form this week and last- I have to remember to try it! The recipe looks yummy. I could not watch the video/listen to the music because it is blocked here. Your wonder and wish sound like I could have written them:/


  4. I loved this idea shared by another blogger who also liked and used it today (and who gave you credit). I will save the idea for a time when I may not have the energy or the inclination to write!


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