A Between Seasons Funk~SOL#18~2017


Well, I’m here again.

Not just here writing another Slice of Life (after four days of neglect), but here. . . at this mental state:

A Funk.

I’ve been here so many times before. I wrote about it last year in the 2016 SOL Challenge. And I’ve written about it here and here.

What can I say? I am a student of my own state of despair.

I’ve followed all of the prescribed remedies.

Yoga. CHECK.

A walk outside. CHECK. I even was able to convince by daughter, Gracie, who was home with the puppy, to walk with me.

Writing. CHECK. Filling a good 6 pages in my notebook, I still could not get to the bottom of my angst. I did get some good writing material though.

Shower. CHECK. I even shaved my legs, washed my hair and put on Aveda Rosemary Mint body lotion. Oh, it’s so heavenly.

Clean something. CHECK. I washed every dish that piled up in the sink from over the week. The dishwasher broke down. My husband and I pinky swore we would wash every dish that each of us used. That lasted about a week. I think we need a new dishwasher.

Take a nap. CHECK. This was the easiest remedy.

Connect with people. I went on Twitter and tweeted a storm about the tcrwp Saturday Reunion in NYC connecting with many teacher-writer-reader-people. I sat with my husband and watched a tv show about Wisconsin. I chatted with Gracie and puppy motherhood.

I know that when I am in this place of funkiness that something new is about to be born. This is God’s way to trying to get my attention to notice it. To be honest, I’ve been walking around in survival mode this month. . . automatic pilot.

He knows we are more than this.

We need these wake up calls.

I will pull out on the other side of this and I’ll make sure to write about what is unveiled. Certainly, there is something to look forward to after the fog clears. A calming meditation from by beautiful niece, Micara, might help me get there.

For now, I think I’ll put on my pj’s and read my new books by Abigail Thomas, recommendations from Elisabeth Ellingson, a dear writer-teacher-thinker-lady-friend.

But, only after I publish this blog post and put my laptop down for the night.


Shari 🙂

I’m participating in twowritingteachers March Challenge of posting a blog post every day for the month of March.  I have not been consistent, but I’m not copping out and throwing in the towel. To check out other writers, visit here.

10 thoughts on “A Between Seasons Funk~SOL#18~2017

  1. I so enjoy your writing. The phrase, “God’s way of getting me to notice” is very reflective. “Something new is about to be born” – no wonder you are in a funk. I’d be anxious.


  2. I really appreciate the way you’ve learned to recognize this as something that happens before something new is about to be born. I’m glad He’s got your attention, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.


  3. I love the line Pat (above) pulled from your entry, and I pair it with this:

    “I will pull out on the other side of this and I’ll make sure to write about what is unveiled.”

    I agree, that’s an important step. I just emerged out of one that lasted a year, maybe more.. I filled and filled Notebooks, with reflection and thought.. but then it just evaporated. I have to go back and pinpoint when.

    I guess I’ll do that. I thought it just had to do with both my parents being placed in nursing homes or me being mad at the hubby. There could be something more I learn from.

    Thank you, Shari. I’ll be following your blog and your twitter!! You’re such a sweet inspiration!


  4. I hope writing this slice was therapeutic. It seems like a lot of slicers are feeling down today. I know God will give you the grace you need to see the sunshine soon!


  5. I always look so forward to reading your posts—and this one touched me as I’m just coming out of my longest-funk-in-quite-some-time time. thank you.


  6. I get the same way. I think it has to do with the seasons. More specifically winter. I hate the funks. I think just being somewhere low key helps me, as well as music, reading, and physical activity. But getting myself to those things can be a task in itself. Hate those funks!


  7. I really loved this post. I move through these funks too and have to be very intentional about self-care. I followed the links to your previous posts and love some of the advice you have (especially about creating something. I always feel better when I create.) I have never reframed a funk as a time when something new is brewing. That’s brilliant. That’s true. I’m a big believer in reframing, so thank you for helping me see this differently!


  8. I am right there with you in terms of writing funk. I got nothing and am pretending to have something. I love your self awareness. Something is definitely waiting and around the corner.


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