I’m Sorry, I Can’t Borrow You My Book ~SOL 2018


A book came to mind that I needed at the moment. It was one I’d devoured and scribbled tracks of my thinking in the margins and throughout it’s pages. I’d memorized where quotes were and knew exactly what chapter to go to upon my need of the words for a place in my paper.

My books are organized, by author, genre, publishing dates even. No other item in my house has an organizational system like my books. I need to know where they are at a given moment for whatever purpose I might need them for.

But, this book?

Was Gone.

I’d searched the location that it should have been in. I ran downstairs to check my other shelves in my bedroom, my stack on my night stand, and then the pile by my chair in the living room.

No Where.

“Think, brain, think, did you have it at school?” I quizzed my forgetful, menopausal mind.

“No, this is not a ‘school’ type book,” it replied.

And, then – I remembered.

I’d borrowed it to someone. I couldn’t remember who and I couldn’t remember when, but I remembered the offering.

And, now, it’s gone.

I don’t know if it will ever come back. And, ordering a new one would not ever be the same. Somewhat distraught and befuddled besides, I try to tell myself it’s okay.

“But what if they don’t even read it and the book is sitting somewhere lost, or worse, what if it gets sold in a garage sale or brought to a thrift store. My own words are in there!” I argue with myself again.

Arge. Will I ever learn?

From now on, this day forward, I need to let others know the name of the book I’m thinking they need to read and have them find it themselves.

But, that seems so selfish. I have so many books. What am I going to do with all these books? I want others to read good books!

Be selfish.

It’s okay.

Do it for your books.

Iā€™m participating in twowritingteachers March 2018 Slice of Life Challenge of writing a blog post every day for the month of March. I’ve already missed a day, so I’m out of the contest for prizes, but no worries. I’m just going to keep plugging along. šŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Borrow You My Book ~SOL 2018

  1. oh boy! can I relate to this! I held a meeting in my studio and after the meeting a gal walked up to my bookshelf and took one of my books off stating that I had two and so she wanted to read this one…I was so in shock- I never said anything…this was years ago..over the years I have thought of many people that I would of liked to have given that book to…today- that would not happen!


  2. How often this happens to me! I go to my shelf to find the book I need and…. gone. You are right: we need to be selfish with our books! I don’t write in mine, but I do have a visual memory of where what I need is located. I love how you spin this little moment into such a beautifully written slice.


  3. Shari, likely, I am the culprit! What is the title of the book? I will check my shelves.

    I really enjoyed reading your eloquent depiction of this very real quandary. My favorite line is, “Arge. Will I ever learn? From now on, this day forward, I need to let others know the name of the book Iā€™m thinking they need to read and have them find it themselves.” This is the moment that has driven you to action. Your “lost” book led you to change your ways. What a beautifully written slice!

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    1. You make me laugh, Joy. I think I know where my lost books are. I handed them out to many of my undergrad students because I was encouraging them to read books. I’m sure I freely borrowed 15 books – only receiving 5 or so back. Where they are – nobody knows. All I can hope is that they were read and savored. šŸ™‚


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