a hard frost

forgotten flowers
She knew it was predicted
a coldness forecasted
the signs all there
moments of soft autumn glow,
warmth, softness and comfort.

She knew it couldn't last
many seasons behind her
the chill always returning
to settle the perennial score.

Bring the flowers in -
at least cover them,
she reminds herself,
protect the beauty
stretch each sacred moment
of radiant heaven and bliss.

But she forgets this small act of care
distractions rob her common sense
her careless neglect invites
the creep of silent hoar.

In the morn, distress her first alarm
she gently caresses her blooms
wrapped in frozen crystals
and knows that soon each petal
must say good-bye as it wilts away.

I'm so sorry, she whispers to each blossom,
in the sorrow of her deepest gloom
She gazes up at the morning dawn
her reminder of the hopeful light

and she sighs with cautious knowing
for the season to return
to thaw with gentle charm
her garden of the heart.

Draft 2022 Shari Daniels

Sarah Grace Tuttle is hosting Poetry Friday today. Grab some coffee and a scone and head over to read a few poems and share you own. 

5 thoughts on “a hard frost

  1. Shari, thank you for sharing your poem! It’s reminding me of my list of “prep the garden for winter” tasks. I know what I’ll be up to this weekend… 🙂 Happy Poetry Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s fascinating how changing the voice of the poem from first person to third person can have such an impact on the tone of the poem. There seems to be more grace shown in the third person rather than the first person. I love this type of “play” in your poetry craft.


  3. Oh my goodness. I know this too well right now as our temperatures flirt with the line of freezing. I have been carrying pots into the garage many an evening. Like you, I hope to stretch their time a bit longer.

    Loved this:
    “the chill always returning
    to settle the perennial score.”

    Thanks for sharing!


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