28 Days of Living The Writerly Life

writing e-course

28 Days of Living The Writerly Life


Online workshop with Shari Daniels, literacy coach, blogger, and writer

 “As a writing teacher, my job is to help others speak, to help them trust their own voices, especially if they have remained silent for too long.  It’s my job to keep walking out of the fire of silence myself, to keep telling the story of falling in and of climbing out again, to let my voice sing.”  ~ Georgia Heard


We’ll explore how to think like a writer, write like a writer and live like a writer for discovery, insight, understanding and fun.


28 Days of Living The Life of A Writer is a 28 session online workshop where I guide you through the process of writing in your own writer’s notebook.


“Reading a book about writing isn’t enough.  Being a writer is a whole way of life, a way of seeing, thinking, being.”

                         ~ Natalie Goldberg


I will show you how to write without fear of the blank page, learn how writers find meaningful topics to write about, how to establish a daily writing practice, how to play with writing and make a happy mess without fear of doing it wrong or doing it perfectly.


Each daily session offers some insight into what writers do and then you will be nudged to “have a go”.   This is not a prompt a day workshop.  Real writers don’t write from prompts every day.  However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t ever write from a prompt.  It depends. 


Absolutely no writing experience is necessary!  The only supplies you’ll need is a notebook and a pen.  Everything else is optional.


You will be eager to write,  especially if you feel you are not a writer, or artistic or creative.  You already are is a writer.  It’s just that somewhere along the way, you were led to believe that you were not.


This workshop is entirely online, so you can participate from wherever you are.  You may do all of the lessons or just the ones that interest you.


You will receive a lesson every day, however, you may not be able to do one each day. 

That’s okay. . . because. . .


All of the lessons are yours forever to save for future reference or to use in your own teaching of writing.  You have my permission.  Everything I have learned, I’ve learned from other writers, so what I give you here, belonged to another writer before me first.


Cost:  $28.00 via PayPal (I will invoice you upon your registration.)

 Dates:  August 1st – August 28th


After your registration, for each of 28 days, you will receive an email from me with your Living Like A Writer session for the day starting on August 1st.


You will also be invited to be a part of our Facebook group to share writing and have conversations with others about the practice of writing.  We will build a community of writers that is safe and rewarding.  I promise, you will make new life-long friends.


Living Like a Writer gives you the most powerful and potent tools that I rely on every day in my life and work, and you will be joyfully empowered to write and share your love of writing with others.

I can’t wait to venture on this journey with you.

Shari 🙂

YES!! Sign me up!!!  I can not wait to begin writing!!




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