What A Writing Community Does #sol16

The month of March slipped away like a shadow into shade .

The challenge was to write a slice of life every day for the entire month of March and post it. Well, I made it 21 days out of 31.

21 blog posts in 31 days!  Although I did not accomplish the challenge of posting every day, I still am wearing my achievement cape like a superhero . Since I began my blog in 2012, writing a post every six months had become my going rate.  So, mathematically, I’ve increased my production from .005% to 66% if I keep up the pace.  My writing muscles are greased and the Bernice Brain has quieted long enough for me to put stuff out there.

If I were to be totally honest, it was not really the challenge that got me writing, it was this writing community.  Holy Kamoly.  I have never seen such an inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, dedicated, creative group of human beings.

Never once did I have a post sit there lonely without some cheers from my fellow writers, (and sometimes my mother).  Feedback is crucial to the writer, whether only a pat on the back for showing up to write or a serious shot of gratitude for writing something that was resonated with. Even more so, to give me another perspective in my own little narrow viewed world.  It is then that I really know my words were taken in.  Love that.

I anxiously awaited the posts of other slicers.  Sometimes I sought inspiration and it was the content or structure of another writer that made my own fingers later dance at the keyboard. Other times, I seriously didn’t wish to write at all and filled my coffee cup just to read and comment on other’s words.  It felt as if we were exchanging small gifts, enjoying each other’s company and allowing one another to get a little peek into the world of other teacher-writer-lovely-people.  Always, I felt a calm peace after reading other’s posts.

I am jealous of writers who have writing communities or writing groups that they meet with face to face on a regular basis.  I have yet to find that.  But, this community here is the closest I have come to realize I will ever get.  At least right now. I am so grateful to have had this.

Thank you to the writing teachers at Two Writing Teachers for the enormous amount of work this challenge must have added to their already busy days.  Their commitment to writing and fostering teachers who write is remarkable.

Thank you to Elisabeth Ellington who voiced she was taking the plunge to do the challenge this year.  I saw her tweet and there was this little nudge in me that said, “Do it.”  I needed her words to give me the confidence to take it on.

And, good heavens, thank you to anyone who took a few moments out of your busy lives to read my words and then to comment.  The comments kept me writing.  They told me that my words matter.

Such goodness.

And, now the pump is primed.

Shari 🙂

10 thoughts on “What A Writing Community Does #sol16

  1. Well I’m so grateful that you did take the plunge and slice. Your voice was fresh and dynamic. You wrote about things that inspired you, things that made you think, stories of your life. I was one avid reader although I didn’t always comment. I blame WP app on my phone for that. I would write paragraphs as comments for you and a few others, and then BLAMO they’d disappear. I made the time to get on my desktop for this last day. I HOPE you’ll slice on Tuesdays, even though I’ve been a poor example of that this year. I have done it year-round as best I can because of as you put it – this community! Our community now. Congrats on 21 out of 31.


  2. It is such a great writing community! I, too, wish I had a live writing group to share with, but when I found this community last year, I was thrilled. I agree with everything you said! Though sometimes it’s hard to think of something to write, or I’m just tired, when March 31 comes, I’m feeling energized as a writer. I hope you come back next year, or maybe try the Tuesday Slicing. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – keep up the good work!


  3. I’m glad you found your way to this community. Congratulations on being a part of your first SOLSC. You should wear your cape with pride. I hope we get to read your slices on Tuesdays as well. The line, “slip away like shadow into shade” lingers with me.


  4. I enjoyed reading your posts, Shari. I hope you will continue to slice on Tuesdays, as many as you can. I love your opening line in this post – “like a shadow into shade” – beautiful!


  5. I’m glad you made it here as many days as you did! You may not have accomplished the challenge, but you still accomplished – connections to other writers, affirmation as a writer (and what writer doesn’t love that?), and the chance to prime the pump as you say! Congratulations! I look forward to continue to read your psots!


  6. Your writing was so inspirational to me. I could definitely see the artist in you as your slices were carefully crafted with word choice and structure standing out. I hope that we will see you on Tuesdays as your pump is primed:)


  7. I am so, so glad you joined in! That’s an incredible increase in blog productivity, and you’ve definitely earned your superhero cape. (A metaphor I love.) I love your line, too, about how reading each other’s slices was like exchanging small gifts. That’s exactly what it felt like to me as I read–and that works as a metaphor for what I hope to give my readers. I am so very conscious of my readers and wanting to be sure I publish something that’s worth their time–and that is hard to do on demand. I really hope you will publish more often than once every six months on your blog now. I need to read your writing, Shari!


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