Letting Go of Old Bones #SOL 16/31 ~ 2021

Ella with her old bone.

On our walk this morning, Ella decided to pick up an old bone from the yard and haul it along with her. 

About a third of the way, she set it down, and carried on without it. She attended to the scents in the air, splashed in water by the ditch and appeared to be lighter in her step. 

I was thinking she would eye that bone on the way back home and pick it up again.

Only she didn’t.

I wish I could do the same.

Note to Self: Let go of old bones.

I am participating in the 14th Annual SOL 2021 March challenge. For 31 days, I will attempt to write and share a small slice of life from my days. If you’d like to read more of today’s slices from other teacher-writers, please head over to twowritingteachers, who have also committed to this challenge.

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