I Am From ~ #SOL 17/31 ~ 2021

The Killian Homeplace in Lanesborough, County Longford, in the heart of Ireland – shared with permission from Joan Gallagher, of whom we share Great, Great Grandparents Luke and Anne Furey Killian. My Great Grandfather, Thomas Killian was born in this house..

It’s a special day to celebrate my Irish roots, my heritage, my ancestors and where I come from. . . my maiden name of Killian.

I am from the land of green hills, sharp rocks and waters crashing amongst the coasts, damp breezes and mist that bring about the wild cherry.

I am from houses made of stone, laid by hand, brick by brick, stone by stone. This shelter, a home where families are born, raised and let go, but always welcomed upon return.

I am from music. Guitars, pianos, accordions and harmonicas. And voices that harmonize and know each others’ tunes. Melodies sung in joy and celebration as well as in sorrow that takes us to the heavens. Wherever the Irish are – music you will hear.

I am from storytelling. Through voice or the pen, called to preserve and share stories of the day and yesteryear. Tales of wisdom and ancient lore, keepers of the flame. 

I am from the lure of the drink. Guinness and rum, whisky and Bailey’s.  Precursor for embellishments of the Irish lore, or a salve for the pain. Best friend or worst enemy. I’ll leave the liquid stars alone.

I am from Hail Marys and Our Fathers, commandments and confessions, Ash Wednesday and fish on Fridays, prayers that kept the children from perishing and mothers from distressing. 

I am from big hearts filled with love, embracing and laughing and gathering and families and aunts and uncles and cousins. 

I am from a blessing of what we know as Irish.

I am participating in the 14th Annual SOL 2021 March challenge. For 31 days, I will attempt to write and share a small slice of life from my days. If you’d like to read more of today’s slices from other teacher-writers, please head over to twowritingteachers, who have also committed to this challenge.

6 thoughts on “I Am From ~ #SOL 17/31 ~ 2021

  1. I really enjoyed your piece! How wonderful that you even have pictures of where your family is from. My Irish roots are a bit more watered down, but I have spent a lot of today thinking about my paternal grandmother, who was French and Irish and very proud of her Irish connection from her own grandmother. She always loved St. Patrick’s Day!


  2. Oh Shari, my heart was filled reading your words of our Irish heritage! Loved your words. You truly have a gift! Keep it up!

    Your favorite Irish Auntie. 🙂


  3. I have learned so much about you and your heritage through this slice. Have you gone back to visit this homestead? My greatest appreciation of this nation is its music. Back in college, my favorite local hot spot was the Irish Pub. They frequently featured live music and the energy was second to none. Cheers, my Irish friend! Happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day!


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