Mystery Eco-challenge

Mystery Eco-challenge

We arrived at the cabin
on the peninsula
at Lake of the woods
the water level had dropped
3 feet since last time

The dock had to be lowered
pulled out to reach the boats
the duck boats hauled
closer to the edge of shore

It’s an Eco challenge
every time I come up here
Steve said, breathing heavy

A mystery eco-challenge, I added
because you never know
what the challenge will be

I looked over the bay
at the glistening shimmer
of the sun on the slowly rolling waves of clear and healing water
breathed in the solitude
and untethered the fraying rope
tied to the rest of the world

And I said to myself

I’ll take it.

I am participating in Poetry Friday this week being hosted by Tabatha Yeates at The opposite of indifference. Stop over to enjoy some poems or add one of your own!

5 thoughts on “Mystery Eco-challenge

  1. It was fun checking out your blog, Shari! I love that you are choosing different poets to keep you company as you write this year, and that you are documenting your moments with abandon. I, too, find Ukrainians inspiring. Glad you’ll be joining us for the swap!

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  2. Every day is seeming like a new eco-challenge. When I think too hard, I fear for the future. Mostly, I try to keep myself grounded in the here and now, tethered to this place and these people, even though the rope connecting me to the rest of the world is fraying…

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  3. Wishing I could take those challenges with you, Shari. This is a beautiful picture of what you’ve experienced. I used to live on a lake and remember so many special times. I love that you took that step away and now are not “tied to the rest of the world”.

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