Where is home?

Where is home? I ask
my hunter husband,
for the geese and the ducks?
Is it south or is it north?

They nest in the north,
he replies, and then
head south when it gets cold,
his eyes occupied somewhere else.

I realize that I say,
brows furrowed.
But where is home?

He didn't have a certain answer
underneath the response
he mumbled.

Humans tend to search
for their home
have a need to call one place

But maybe home
is where ever you are
as long as love
is near.

And safety and rest.

Peace and calm.

draft 2022 Shari Daniels

Writing a poem-a-day.
They don't have to be good,
They just have to be true.
~Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

One thought on “Where is home?

  1. Where is home? I sit here and ponder that very same question. My speed dial would say “Home” is my parent’s house…my childhood home. Now, home is where I am raising my family. But, honestly, when I think about when I am truly at home, it’s in my morning meditation, when I am stripped of anything with which I could identify myself and it’s just me honoring the intimacy with my soul. That’s home to me. I love your mind, Shari.

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