tiny Oak Leaf Lessons

Oh, tiniest of oak leaves
that flutter from high above
down to the pages
of a notebook in waiting.

Why now? This moment?
Why did you let go?
So miniscule you are - the baby leaf -
Your elders still hanging on. . .

Perhaps it was your lightness
the breeze so easily lifts you
from the sturdy branch.
Perhaps you had not yet learned
the act of holding on.

But - what if it was a mistake?
to let go so very soon?
What if there was more
of what you were supposed to live
as a leaf among majestic oaks?

What if you letting go
was weakness? Fear? or giving up?

If all depends, I suppose
on who is doing the watching
You may be the way-shower for some
and what not to do for others.

Either way, you are a teacher
in the art of letting go.

draft 2022 Shari Daniels

Writing and sharing a poem a day ~ 
"The writing is inhaling and the sharing is exhaling.
They don't have to be good, they just have to be true."
                      ~Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Today, I am participating in twowritingteachers Slice of Life. Join us in sharing a slice of your life, or take a sweet moment to read some small slices in the lives of others. May they inspire you to write and record you own small moments so that you may find meaning is what our lives have to offer us.

3 thoughts on “tiny Oak Leaf Lessons

  1. “It all depends, I suppose / on who is doing the watching.” YES! So many of your questions and wonderings distilled down to this one beautiful thought.

    Your poem makes me think about my guitar case, which happens to have several dried leaves in it. They fell in one morning as I sat on the deck in the sunshine with my niece, teaching her to play guitar. The leaves blew in and I’ve kept them there as a reminder of the delightful time we had together. Thank you for bringing me back to that moment!

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  2. Letting Go…this has been a theme I have been pondering throughout my recent days. “Surrender yourself to the moment,” my yoga literature suggests. “Let go of expectations of self, others, and experiences,” I am told. Easier said than done. It is here I look to the oak leaf…

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