To his mother ~ an epistolary poem

It was Margaret’s poem in my inbox that ignited my spark to receive poem today. She nudged me over to Ruth’s lovely page, who is hosting Poetry Friday today and inviting us to give a go at a recipe poem.

Ellen Bass, my poet guide this month, along with Wendell Barry, has been also offering advice this month. The Epistolary Poem, a poem written as a letter, a form has been shaping poems in my notebook this month.

Could I combine the two? The recipe poem and the letter poem?

Perhaps . . .

Thank you to Margaret, Ruth, Ellen, my husband’s adoration of the food I cook for him and, his mother’s love.

If you’d like to read more poems, or add your own, head over to Ruth’s page to read a few more recipe poems. Be sure to fill your cup of coffee first.

3 thoughts on “To his mother ~ an epistolary poem

  1. Writing your poem as a hybrid form has worked well, Shari. I enjoyed its rich imagery. Every morsel mattered. I also enjoyed the way you presented the poem, it added to the allusion of a letter. An all round, great reading experience for me.


  2. Oh my heavens! The sacredness you have created in this experience surrounding the enjoyment of this streusel is so rich. To be able to capture all the meaning and grandness of the gesture of baking his favorite dish…it’s utterly magical.


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