Dear readers. . . (March sol#2023)

A first Slice of Life came out as an apology. Unknowing what to begin with, a poem wriggled out. If you haven’t the time or the energy or the wherewithal to figure out your way through my typewriter malfunctions (misspellings are my own), I’ve edited it below, with a few revisions, for your convenience and efficiencies.

Dear Reader

I apologize up front
as you make a split second decision
to click on the link
that brought you to these words.

I know your day is busy
fraught with to-do lists and wanna/should-do's, too
your precious time is just that -


But, I just need to let you know
there is no glitter or gold here
no words of wisdom either
or tips or tricks, hacks or shortcuts
on how to do whatever it is
you ought to do today.

All I have to offer are
random words from this old machine,
she skips every now and then
and is missing the apostrophe key

But, oh she is quite adept
at knowing spasms of delight,
admirations and whispers of bliss
or a split second moment of awe.

So, it is with great regret
and sincere apologies
bad spelling and fading ink
that you had to
to read

these painstaking words on this page

but, they are all I have to give.

#a not so good poem by shari daniels 2023

I am participating in the twowritingteachers 31-day Slice of Life challenge this month. If you’d like to read the words of other Slicers, please head over to the Slices of the Day at twowritingteachers (you gotta scroll way down). 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dear readers. . . (March sol#2023)

  1. Oh, how I thoroughly enjoyed reading the typewritten poem! You have such a way with words and spacing, poetically finding a way through to this gift that you have given. No apologies necessary!

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  2. I think you typed the wrong hashtag. It should be #abeautifulpoembysharidaniels2023. I loved the lines “spasms of delight” and “whispers of bliss.” That old typewriter is pretty smart!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leigh Anne, you are biased I’m sure. 🙂 I laughed at your suggestion for a revision of hashtags. I will consider it, yet fear I’d have to hobnob with the highbrows then! I find it quite peaceful here in the land of no expectations. Thank you for clicking on the link that brought you to my apology. 🙂


  4. How fun is that? No, I’m definitely not scouring the internet for a typewriter! Amazing how the typos and skips only add to the beauty of it.


  5. Love your typewriter Shari! And all that she wrote. They’re beautiful thoughts and you express them so well. Miss you friend! Thanks for the smile inducing poem.


  6. Oh no, I prefer it unedited! It’s gorgeous and how I wish you could have heard my smile crack open so wide while I took it in. Best FIRST slice for me to read today from anyone, and honesty I’d love to see more spit out like this. Just unexpected loveliness. Thanks for making my night.


  7. Happy slicing, Shari! We show up, don’t we… unedited and unapologetically, baring our soul. I love the beauty of your raw words and how they bravely put themselves out there. Blissfully vulnerable…. How refreshing!

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