Writing Intentions: Making Connections ~ SOL~2020

writing friends

“The most daring thing to do with your life is to create a stable community in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”     ~ Kurt Vonnegut

It’s not that I forget to write a Slice of Life (or two or three even). I write every morning in my notebook.  My notebook writing is my life support. But, it’s not Slice of Life writing. So, then, I have to write twice in the day, which wouldn’t be a problem except I save it for the end of the day. And, at the end of the day, opening up my laptop is a dread when you’ve been looking at it all day.

I could write a slew a slices in one day and then just shoot them out each morning. But, that doesn’t feel authentic. What I write one day might not feel true on another day. Oh bother. . . there are so many other facets that contribute to my issue of putting writing out there for the world to see, but that’s too daunting to address in one Slice of Life. Another day . . . maybe.

I had to reassess my purpose of slicing in this challenge because for the last couple of years, I petered out after day 4 or 5. Sometimes I’d come back, sometimes not. I’m coming back this time because it’s only March 8th. There’s a lot of month left. It’s too early to jump ship.

But, if I’m brutally honest, I need the energy that comes from discovering new relationships and in keeping past relationships alive.

My writing friend, Elisabeth Ellingson at the dirigible plum reminded me about intentions of the challenge. For me, I don’t need to develop a habit. I don’t need to learn how to live a wide awake life most of the time (ideas are NOT my problem, choosing is my problem). I need community. A real writing community. So alone we feel in this writing life.

So alone we feel in this life sometimes. Period.

So, I’m not going to fret so much about what I put out there just as long as I’m showing up to join others in this journey, to cheer others on for being here, and to relish the new connections we make as we discover new like-minded writing souls.

Thank you for writing with me. And, reading – because sometimes it’s just as much fun being a cheerleader.

Shari 🙂





5 thoughts on “Writing Intentions: Making Connections ~ SOL~2020

  1. We all need cheerleaders. And I’m here to cheer you on today. You wrote and posted and it isn’t even three o’clock yet.
    It is hard to fit it all in when our lives are so busy-busy-busy. Like you, I don’t have slices ready to go. I post what feels true of me on any given day. I suppose that makes it harder for folks like us, but it does make the challenge a lot more authentic for me when I reflect at the end of each March.

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  2. So much wisdom here. Like you, I don’t need slicing to write. In fact, slicing kind of gets in the way of my regularly scheduled writing life, What’s in my notebook isn’t a slice and usually isn’t something I want to turn into a slice. I have learned over the years to fret almost not at all about what I’m putting out there during March. If it seems interesting enough to me to write, chances are good it will be interesting enough to a few readers. I just like showing up in community with other writers. Yes, my writing life is so very isolated, but during March, it feels like I get to hang out at the coffee shop writing every day with friends! (And I wish I’d thought of THAT metaphor earlier to put in my slice today!). I am so glad you are here today, and yes, I would LOVE to live closer and write together at the coffee shop and have ALL the conversations.

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  3. Love how you wrap up why we do what we do. “…showing up to join others in this journey, to cheer others on for being here, and to relish the new connections we make as we discover new like-minded writing souls.” Glad you’re back. I wish I could lay claim to a regular notebook writing life. You inspire me.


  4. Wow I relate to this post so much! I usually jump right into something and then end up drifting off as the excitement wears down. This challenge has been really good for me and I really like how you talked about the difference of living awake and writing slices every day vs. pumping premade slices out strategically. Thanks for sharing your wisdom today!


  5. “I need community. A real writing community. So alone we feel in this writing life.” I found myself nodding my head as I soaked in your words. Shari, you address such a deep topic – belonging. Thanks so much for your reflective post. I couldn’t agree with you more.


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