When a Poem Lands on You ~ SOL 2020

As I pulled on the right leg of my black leggings this morning, around 6:00 am, leaning back in my chair, both feet lifting high into the air, as if gravity was going to lure these things on, the words of a childhood poem washed over me.

“Monday’s child is full of grace,” it whispered, as poems sometimes do.

Even though I know not the exact words of this nostalgic nursery rhyme, parts of it are lodged deep within me somewhere, and I thought,

“Wait, I don’t think Monday’s child is full of grace. It’s Tuesday’s child!”

But I’m telling you, Monday’s child needs it.

The words swirled and played in the dance of a new poem being born as I reached for my “Monday” dress, a free flowing knit, waist free, forgiving, stretchy, throw in the dryer, no-need-to-iron kind of dress. It wears on me whether I am a size 4 or a size 14. I hoover somewhere in between, depending on the day, the month, the season or the year.

Still – this dress embraces me and says, “It’s okay, I’m here for you, Shari.”

Topped off with my favorite black vest and knee high boots, Monday arrives in the comfort of my Friday jeans, even after a weekend of pizza, too many cookies and a little (okay, a lot) of laying around.

Gosh, I love a dress that can do that to a Monday.

Oh, the poem. It’s been marinating all morning. Here’s what I’ve got so far. . .

Monday’s dress is full of grace,

A thank you melts across her face,

None is there of shameful woes, or

Regrets of weekend diet foes.

With the stretch of lycra, loving and giving

Enabling her to go on with her living

A life that is so good and gay

A gift to savor on the morn of Monday.

Gosh – writing that just made me so happy! Poetry can do that, you know.

9 thoughts on “When a Poem Lands on You ~ SOL 2020

  1. Love the song, love the slice! Particularly “Monday’s child needs it”. I couldn’t agree more! Especially the Monday’s child following the loss of an hour of sleep! Enjoy your great dress day!


  2. I enjoyed reading this slice. There is so much humor in it. I just love this sentence. “It wears on me whether I am a size 4 or a size 14.” You have packed a lot in here. The prose was interesting and the poetry special. You also shared memories of the familiar poem. I agree, Poetry can make writing enjoyable.


  3. I loved everything about this post! You took an ordinary situation and crafted into a clever telling complete with a poem. “A poem landed on me”…Ah, yes. That happens to me, too, and it does make me happy. Thank you for putting a smile on my face today.


  4. A mentor text that leads to a poem of delight…and now I think I must find a dress just like this, that can make me feel just as special at any size!


  5. I love this poem and how getting dressed was the creative outlet for it! I’m not a dress person (I’m short and I look like a box in dresses) but it sounds like this one definitely has its advantages!


  6. Everything about this makes me happy. The ability to relate, the authentic flow with your words, your poetry hybrid and your reflection. Such a rich slice.


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